Finest remote energy work for your wealth and well being & the wisdom of „Karma Business“ for your income


A punk’s mind – a hippie’s heart. My name is Katja Niedermeier, energy coach, speaker and author, and if you wish, I will work with you on your well being, your self-esteem, your wealth, your income.

If you are sick and tired of struggling with money-issues, poor job decisions or the lack of easiness and joy, give me a shout. Trust me – I know what it’s like. Been there, done that. 

Over the past years I have experienced that the combination of „KARMA BUSINESS“ strategies and finest remote (!) energy work creates a certain vibe that attracts the best clients in the world and makes things in life so much easier and more enjoyable. If you let me work in your energetic field, I will set impulses for transformation so your energy-level changes in a positive and supporting way and as a result you will eventually stop attracting things, people and situations that… – well… – suck.

Some of my clients are internationally renowned recording / performing artists, who want to keep their minds calm, their inspiration vivid and the stress level low. I also work with entrepreneurs who look for some good strategy to get their own business bloom joyfully and ethically. My energy work and the wisdom of „KARMA BUSINESS“ will do wonders to your thinking, your awareness and last but not least to your every day life.

“I was recently promoted at work.  The promotion process, I knew would be hard, consisted of a long training period and several evaluations.  In order to control my nerves and increase my confidence I sought help from Katja.  We communicated via Skype at pre-arranged time.  During that session Katja provided techniques and advice.  These things were extremely useful and definitely helped me succeed.  I can’t thank Katja enough.” (Chris W. / Emirate Airlines, Dubai)

  • 5 x 60 min finest remote energy work:                980,- €
  • 6 months Business optimization mentoring:      6.200,- €
  • Private Business Coaching Day:                                      3.500,- €
  • Workshop  KARMA BUSINESS

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Although I have successfully worked with best selling artists like RIHANNA, RAMMSTEIN, JANET JACKSON, SIMPLY RED and many, many more as PR manager for record labels, I am also very much familiar with struggling, fears and stress. Furthermore I am an ex-secretary (Beiersdorf) / ex-reporter (CityTV Toronto) / ex-sales-coordinator (CityTV / MuchMusic Toronto) / ex-PR-manager (Warner Music) before I opened my own business in 2001 as a self-employed publicist, press officer and media coach.

I remember that one day, when I was sitting at home, exhausted. My desire for depth and fulfillment yelled as loud as never before and both was not to be found on red carpets and in sold out concert halls. I decided to turn my back on PR to look out for something new. During my search I found out, how I had been blocking myself with limiting thoughts, narrow views and subconscious beliefs. I learned completely new things, new views, started practicing and finally began to professionally concentrate on mentoring and healing others.

That was the best step I could have possibly taken, because it is a natural thing for me. Being born as a “Highly Sensitive Person” / HSP (wich in my case comes along with so called psychic abilities), my empathy and intuition support my wicked remote (!) energy work and save my clients quite some time as we get to the core of their problem really quickly.

A few years ago, I developed the workshop program „KARMA BUSINESS – 5 ethical steps to flow & success“. My job as a coach consists of helping women to build a life and a business they fully enjoy, based on ancient karmic principles. 

Being a little shy and introverted by nature it took me a lot to find the courage for my first speach in front of 75 people. But now this is part of my job. I also write books (although I hated reading as a kid)! My third one is in the making as I am typing these lines.

Now let me share some more private stuff with you:

I am an aries, born on Easter sunday 1969, and I derive from a highly creative family: popmusic, orchestra, arts, photography, carving, design, film – you name it. I have been in love with the man by my side since 1996, our daughter was born 2003 as a micro-preemie (LORD, what a challenge…!), and I feel blessed and privileged to watch our “tiny one” grow into a beautiful and smart young lady, who is determined to enjoy life to the fullest and who does everything her very own lovable way. I love animals, started a plant based diet quite a few years ago and I consider myself as a soul who borrowed a body for a while. As a child and teenager I played the piano, competed in international fencing-tournaments, tried out a perm, hated it right away, cried for E.T. and almost happily fainted during my first Depeche-Mode-concert.

Nowadays I prefer to keep my life calm and conscious.

Love, peace, health & wealth to you! xxx Katja

“Dear Katja, I really would like to tell you once again how awesome and helpful your workshop Karma Business was for me. It is so refreshing to see someone walk her talk. Your generous and loving energy was a blessing for everyone and we were all highly inspired. Lots of love and see you next time – Alice!” (Alice Kay – Theta Healing Practitioner, Owner of

“Hello Katja, I have no idea how that matrix stuff works, but it sure does!!! Business is going smoothly again and clients keep knocking on the door. To everyone who reads this: Katja is phenomenal! Thanks for the excellent work!” – (Stephanie B. / Vancouver)

“When Katja told me about Matrix, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure it would work, but decided I could at least try it. Well, I was very amazed at it. She is in Germany and I am in the US, Colorado and I could feel it when she would matrix me. Sometimes it was more of how I felt, sometimes I could actually feel the waves of energy. It would actually make me lean over or “weave” as my daughter said once when she saw me. We have worked on my attitude (depression from loss of job and deaths) and my weight. We have also worked on my confidence as I interviewed and continue to interview. I can tell you, it works and you will be amazed by it! I recommend you try it for yourself.” – (Sharilyn L Weber, Colorado, USA)

“Hey Katja, I have known you for many years now. Nevertheless, I was a bit skeptical when you told me about the Matrix technique. This being said, I was even more amazed to see that you not only hit my problem so quickly but also gave me the confidence and energy boost I needed to get my dream job at the Google HQ in Dublin. Only two sessions were all I needed to reach my goals. Well done and thank you very much!” – (Thomas O., Google, Dublin, Ireland)

“Katja, the Karma Workshop was simply incredible. Everything was fantastic!!” (P. B., Berlin)

„Katjas charisma is kind of magnetic. She is pure energy and authenticity. It was so cool to learn from a woman who combines business and high sensitivity. I will definitely be back. Thank you, Katja!“ (Anna Wiesemann / artist, poet, coach

„Lovely Katja, – Karma Business – this was quite an experience! Wisdom and know-how came to me like lightnings! I gained so much clarity! The way you explain things and guide through your workshops is so loving, beautiful and inspiring. We all were very moved. I am grateful having met you. Thank you. Lots of love, Kristina.“ (Kristina Walter, actress & film director)

„Dear Katja, I came back from your Karma Business workshop and knew that I have met someone very special. The way you do things is so natural, so loving and so joyful! Just awesome. I have learned so much and things are going so much better already. And the best thing: it is easy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having helped me. Love, Catalina.“  (Catalina Buschmann / nature health professional & owner of NHP Buschmann )

„Karma and Business. The first time I came across this combination I was a little skeptical. During the workshop I gained clarity even after only a few minutes. Everything you taught was absolutely helpful to me and my business life has taken unexpected turns to the better. The combination of Karma & Business & Katja with your competence, your energy, your personality is simply unbeatable. Every man who reads this should enroll in the program! I was the only man – and I loved it!“  (Dirk Kubatzki  Sport für die Seele –  founder and coach)