KARMA BUSINESS. 3 rules and 5 karmic principles for more joy, flow & income

k8-schriftzug-katja-niedermeier-coaching-selbstaendige„Karma Business is not just another „get-rich-in-90-days“-trick, but a mindset and a management-style that pays off – in every imaginable level of your life.“

You are an entrepreneur, you really want to raise your income AND your ethical standards are high. 

This workshop is for you, darling!

A car that sometimes will start and sometimes won’t, will be taken to the garage to get it checked, because something is wrong. Same with your business! If you don’t make the money you wish to make despite of your competence, your creativity, your integrity, then there is a strategic error or a subconscious blockage going on. In most cases it’s both.

Question: Do you think you might dare to leave your comfort zone just a wee little bit by exchanging some of your familiar marketing strategies for something better and more personal? 

Read on:


  • how the karmic principles of JOY, CLARITY, GENEROSITY, EMPATHY and EMPTINESS need to be incorporated in your daily business in order to thrive
  • who YOUR ideal client is and how you attract this person
  • how you need to communicate YOUR expertise, so you can finally charge professional prices
  • which of YOUR subliminal (money- / success-) beliefs have so far been keeping you from prospering and living a life in abundance (here I will use matrix energetics to solve blockages)
  • how the universal karmic principles create well-being or struggling and how YOU can integrate this wisdom into your every day life.

DATE & CITY:     August 2016 /  Signy or Nyon or Geneva — Details tba

DAY & TIME:     Saturday, 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM

PARTICIPATION:     410,- €  // 450,- CHF (incl. (!) vegan buffet, drinks & work book)




“Katja, the Karma Workshop was simple incredible. Everything was fantastic!!” (P. B., Berlin)

„Thank you, Katja Niedermeier, for a perfect seminar. Location, group, topics… everything! And chapeau for your enormous energy throughout so many hours!“  (Christel Schumacher, therapist & owner of www.mousemarket.de)

“Thank you for your one-of-a-kind-motivation, your clear inspirations and your really special energy in your workshops!” (Sylke Gall, actors-photographer www.SYLKEGALL.com)

„Katja’s charisma is kind of magnetic. She is pure energy and authenticity. It was so cool to learn from a woman who combines business and high sensitivity. I will definitely be back. Thank you, Katja!“ (Anna Wiesemann / artist, poet, coach www.anna-wiesemann.com)

„Lovely Katja, – Karma Business – this was quite an experience! Wisdom and know-how came to me like lightnings! I gained so much clarity! The way you explain things and guide through your workshops is so loving, beautiful and inspiring. We all were very moved. I am grateful having met you. Thank you. Lots of love, Kristina.“ (Kristina Walter, actress & film director)

“Dear Katja, I really would like to tell you once again how awesome and helpful your workshop Karma Business was for me. It is so refreshing to see someone walk her talk. Your generous and loving energy was a blessing for everyone and we were all highly inspired. Lots of love and see you next time – Alice!” (Alice Kay – Theta Healing Practitioner, Owner of www.soul-support.de)

„Dear Katja, I came back from your Karma Business workshop and knew that I have met someone very special. The way you do things is so natural, so loving and so joyful! Just awesome. I have learned so much and things are going so much better already. And the best thing: it is easy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having helped me. Love, Catalina.“  (Catalina Buschmann / nature health professional & owner of NHP Buschmann )

„Karma and Business. The first time I came across this combination I was a little skeptical. During the workshop I gained clarity even after only a few minutes. Everything you taught was absolutely helpful to me and my business life has taken unexpected turns to the better. The combination of Karma & Business & Katja with your competence, your energy, your personality is simply unbeatable. Every man who reads this should enroll in the programm! I was the only man – and I loved it!“  (Dirk Kubatzki  “Sport für die Seele” –  founder and coach)